Package com.acciente.commons.loader

Interface Summary
ClassDef This interface abstracts access to a object capable of providing the byte codes for a java class definition.
ClassDefLoader This is an interface that abstracts the loading of class definitions.
ResourceDef This interface abstracts access to resource to be accessed via the classloader

Class Summary
ByteCodeClassLoader A classloader to load a class using the byte code data
ClassFile This class has methods to read information from a class file.
ClassFinder ClassFinder
CompileException An exception thrown to signal a compile error.
FileResourceDef An implementation of a ResourceDef backed by files.
JavaCompiledClassDef An implementation of a ClassDef backed by compiled Java class files.
JavaCompiledClassDefLoader A class definition loader that loads compiled Java class files.
ReloadingClassLoader This classloader loads classes retrieved via a class definition loader (aka ClassDefLoader).

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