Interface RedirectResolver

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public interface RedirectResolver

This interface is used to abstract the algorithm used to map a redirect specified in terms of a class type to a URL.

A class implementing this interface is expected to have a single public contructor adhering to the following convention:

  1. the single constructor should accepts no arguments or
  2. the single constructor should declare formal parameters using only the following types documented at the URL below:

This interface no longer enforces any methods at compile time (Induction 1.4.0b was the last version to enforce compile time resolve() methods), instead this interface now simply serves as a marker now.

Induction looks for a method at runtime for implementations of this interface, the details of the the method is given below:

Resolution resolveRedirect( ... )

This method will be called by Induction when it needs to resolve an Induction redirect object (typically this object contains the Java class type of the controller or view which is the target of the redirect) to a fully qualified URL. The method is expected to return a fully qualified URL string. This method may request the injection of the Induction Redirect object and additionally any value available to a controller, the full list of additional values available for injection are detailed at the URL below:

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